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  • Mark HoddleA Special Message from Mark Hoddle about the Scholarship

    Invasive Species are an ever-increasing problem in California agriculture, and obviously citrus is no exception. One tool that can be used to combat invasive species is biological control. The science of biological control - the use of a pests natural enemies to suppress it's populations to less damaging densities - was pioneered in southern California. This new discipline in entomology..... Read more



Harry Scott Smith

Harry Scott Smith
1883 - 1957

Memoriam, 1959

Harry Scott Smith Scholarship Fund to Support Students in Biological Control at UC Riverside

Harry S. Smith, was born in 1883 to a poor farming family in Nebraska. He was trained in Biological Control in the northeast U.S.A. where he worked on the biological control of gypsy moth with the USDA. Upon his appointment to Sacramento in 1913 to work on biological control issues important to California, Smith brought recognized entomological training in biological control to California for the first time.

The phrase “Biological Control” was first used by Smith in August 1919 at the meeting of Pacific Slope Branch of the American Association of Economic Entomologists at the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.

Based on his experiences on biological control of forest and pasture pests, Smith brought caution and tempered exaggeration about biological control in California as he worked with citrus growers and other commodity groups.

Fundraising GoalIn 1923, Smith and four colleagues moved from Sacramento to the University of California Riverside Campus which had evolved from the Citrus Experiment Station (est. 1915) and he formed the Division of Beneficial Insect Investigations which was a unit distinct from the Division of Entomology. Prof. Harry, as he was
 affectionately known, is fondly remembered by his students as a patient and generous supervisor who encouraged research and work on applied and
practical aspects of biological control.

Smith went on to create the Department of Biological Control which offered the only graduate training in Biological Control in the world. The Department of Biological Control became the Division of Biological Control in 1969 which then merged into Department of Entomology at UC Riverside in 1988. Prof. Harry had two sons, both trained to be entomologists. Instead of pursuing biological control they went into the pesticide industry and Sam Smith died accidentally from pesticide poisoning. Prof. Harry passed away in 1957 and left UC Riverside $15,000 to develop a scholarship fund to support training and education in biological control. This fund has grown to approximately $45,000 today, but is insufficient to provide meaningful support to students wanting to be trained in biological control.

Our goal is to build the Harry S. Smith Scholarship fund to a significant level where the corpus of the fund will be able to generate enough revenue to provide substantial support to students wanting to be trained in biological control. This can only be achieved by actively soliciting donations from individuals, industries, and organizations that have benefited over the years from biological control projects that have that have been run by UC scientists, in particular entomologists at UC Riverside. If biological control is to continue to prosper in southern California we need to continue recruiting and training high quality students. To do this, we need to be able to provide substantial financial support, and the Harry S. Smith Scholarship is one way to attract excellent students to UC Riverside.



More information about Harry Scott Smith's Legacy

Harry Scott Smith, in Memoriam, 1959

Claussen C.P. and S.E. Flanders. 1958. Harry Scott Smith 1883-1957. J. Econ. Entomol. 51(2): 266-267

Anon. 1958. Harry Scott Smith Memorial Fund. Bull. Entomol. Soc. of Am. 4(3) 113


Recent Scholarship Recipients

Aviva Goldmann Judith Herreid Jesus R. Lara Artiga Holly Hills

Aviva Goldmann 

Judith Herreid
Jesus R. Lara Artiga 
Holly Hills 

Jennifer Henke

Casey Butler    

Jennifer Henke

Casey Butler






You can help with the Harry Scott Smith Scholarship

If supporting this scholarship is of interest, please contact Mark Hoddle at UC Riverside for more details or download the brochure detailing how you can offer support. All donations are tax deductible. Mark Hoddle, Department of Entomology, University of California, Riverside CA 92521 Phone: (951) 827-4714, Email:

Thank you to our supporters
The Fall 2013 fundraising campaign was a huge success with $17,600 raised. Special thanks go to Leavens Ranches, Brian and Claire Federici and Marrone Bio Inovations for each providing $1,500 (for a total of $4,500) in matching donations for each $250 donation received. 




JD Farms  Jane Delahoyde Brian & Claire Federici
Robert, Carol & Michael Hardison  Glen Rees Harriett Nelson Trust
C.A.P.C.A Ventura County Chapter Ed Traynor Jim Pardee, JD Farms
William Hahlbohm, Sundance Natural Foods Co. Robert & Carol Hardison Shirley Balliet, California Organic Gardening Club
Steven & Robin Smith, Mudcreek Ranch CAPCA San Diego Glen Rees


Association of Natural Bio-Control Producers La Perla Citrus Growers Beneficial Insectary, Inc
Dr. Fred Legner & Mrs. Suzanne Legner    


Colleen Mullen John Wiley & Sons Limited William & Patricia Carter 
Ruth Wilson Ophelia Fisher Oro Del Norte, LLC
Donald & Susan Deardorff Col. Robert Conlin Syngenta Bioline
California Organic Gardening Club,
(in memory of Peggy Jensen)
Robert Essick Daniel & Carolyn Cahn
William Grant, B & D Grant Farms Gary Caviglia, Crystal Cove Farms Cynthia King, King & King Ranch
Warren Nishimura, Nishimura Farms Wayne & Carol Elder, Durling Nursery Inc.  John & Janet Kabashima 
Richard Brecunier, Tierra Rejada Farms David Donlon, Donlon Ranch Paul & Kathryn Madonna, Madonna Ranch
Tim Kelley Peter Miller Richard Pidduck, Santa Paula Creek Ranch
Howard Vipperman Thomas Royden, Larga Vista Palms Mr. Phil Tognazzini
Mike Capesius, Dudley Ranch Paul Lofthouse, Lofthouse Ranch Reetha Keenan (in memory of Roy V. Keenan) 
Mark Wollam Brokaw Ranch Co. Brokaw Nursery
Harold Edwards, Limoneira Ranch Colleen Mullen Donald & Susan Deardorff (Sony Pictures)
Richard and Gayle Marrocco Emma Ruiz, Rancho Soledad  Brian and Claire Federici
Jim McMurtry Jim Davis, American Insectaries Inc  


Kathleen Konya Stephen Bailey Landon Stableford
Stephen Drummy George McEwen, McEwen Nursery  Anonymous
Mr. Mark Lawless  Carol Englehardt   Norma Yarbrough






Rachel Levin  Barton & Merla Gaut E. H. Traynor
Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.  Leavens Ranches Gary R. Veeh
C.A.P.C.A Ventura County Chapter    


Edward C. Brainard E Fred and Suzanne Legner  Syngenta Bioline
California Rare Fruit Growers, Foothill Chapter The Mud Creek Ranch Trust  


Tim Kelley Norma Yarbrough Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. 
Book Royalties from Mark Hoddle  Dr. Devin P. Carroll Crystal Cove Farms
Dr. Richard and Joan Goden  Dr. Kevin M. Heinz Pidduck Ranch Partnership
Cynthia King, King & King Ranch Arthur Bliss Ranch Kabashima Family Living Trust 
Nishimura Farms, Inc. Dudley Ranch Partnership Carl F. Stucky
Robert E. and Martha H. Orth  Roger Essick E. Fred & Suzanne Legner
Gabrielle G. and John P. Watson  PL-B Ranch LLC Shane L Butler, Family Growers, LLC
James Lloyd-Butler Family LLC  Kouichi & Grace Tanak Ms. Rachel C. Levin
J. A. & M.C. McMurtry Marjie Bartels, Bartels Ranch   
David L. Holden, Holden Research and Consulting Robin and Steve Smith (in memory of Carl Barringe) Lynn M. Lebeck and Marshall W. Johnson
Dorcas H. Thille and TT J.K. Thille Ranches    


Mina Gardner Bill Lambert Stephen Bailey
Lorraine C. Forester McEwen Nursery Rudolph John Haluza
Peter K. and Patricia C. Miller  Patrick S. & Norma D. Yarbrough   






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Edward Traynor Gary Veeh CAPCA Ventura
Dr. T. Wofford, Monsanto R&D Vegetable Division Harry C. Johnson & James W. Johnson, Rancho Simpatico  Leavens Ranches


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Royalties from the Biological Control Text Book    


Robin Smith (in memory of Claude Wells) Robin Smith (in memory of Joy Rogers) Robin and Steve Smith (in memory of Mason Dollar)





California Avocado Society Mary Matava & Agri Service Inc.  Robert & Carol Hardison
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David Lanthier, Emerald Plains Inc  J. K. Thillie Ranches Index Fresh
van der Kar Family Trust    


Al Stehly & Stehly Grove Management Lofthouse Ranch Kaffer Enterprises
David Holden (Holden Research & Consulting) Steve & Robin Smith (in memory of Jane Skelley Wigley) Steve & Robin Smith (in memory of Geraldine Morris)


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South African Avocado Grower's Association     


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Association of Applied IPM Ecologists Mary Matava & Agri Service Inc.  Mr. & Mrs Robert L. Hardison 


CAPCA San Diego David Lanthier, Emerald Plains Inc   


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Shane L. Butler Family Growers  Bailard Citrus M. L. Coykendall
Wilde Residual Trust Kaffer Enterprises Nishimura Farms
Lorraine C. Foster William & Bernice Yarak  Five Points Limited Partnership 
Landon Stableford William & Glenna Horton Snow Ranch
Gary Ross & Allison Thomas  Joe Barcinas (FAR Inc) King & King Ranch
Lofthouse Landscaping Stehly Grove Management Stehly Enterprises 
LF Grove Management  Ward & Mary Lou Whaling Howard W. Vipperman
K. R. Tanaka Rudy Haluza Janet W. Davis
Anita Tate Roger Essick  
James Llyod-Butler Family Partnership Bill & Carol Steel, Fairfield Farms  Steven & Robin Smith (in memory of Howard Dawson)


Jane Delahoyde Art Harris Robert & Marie Stanton
Carol L. Engelhardt Richard Hatano Evelyn Little Bono & J. C. Bono 
Peter & Patricia Miller Dr. Edward Stika & Carol Stika  Nancy Shimamoto & Daniel Collins
George Goodall Ron Nichols Dudley Ranch





California Avocado Commission     


Robert L. and Carol L. Hardison     


Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Froehlich Dorcas H. McFarlane  


John M. Grether Robert & Sharon Coleman William F. & Glenna B. Horton
Carl Stucky Nishimura Farms Inc. Oro Del Norte LLC
Holly Stosic Glen Rees Henry & Myrta Thys
Keyes Fibre Corporation Anita Tate, in memory of Ed Tate Steven & Robin Smith
Shane L. Butler Family Growers PL-B Ranch  
Molly S. King, in memory of C. Russell King James Lloyd Butler Family Partnership  


Joseph L. Spychaj Sr. Shirley & Gerald Duryee Art Harris
Peter & Patricia Miller Reed Webb  





California Avocado Society    


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